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Indigo Studio is based in an old textile factory with 400m2 and high ceilings. You can find us creating or brainstorming surrounded with books, magazines, mannequins, coffee, plants and a giant textile table!



INDIGO STUDIO - Photography Studio - Estúdio de fotografia - Ana Araújo Silva - Fotógrafa de E-commerce


Photography & Digital Communication


Ana has been working in the Fashion Industry since 2010. She started as a Photographer and Retoucher at Farfetch, creating and retouching hundreds of images daily for E-commerce Luxury Fashion brands.

In 2014 she received a proposal from Sonae to be part of their first internal E-commerce Photography Studio as a Retoucher and Photographer for the Fashion Department - creating images for the brands Zippy and MO.

After 6 years working at this two multinationals she quit to start her own brand: Indigo Studio. For the past 9 years she as been creating visual content for E-commerce Websites, Social Media and Digital Communications of brands like Farfetch, Zippy, MO, Salsa, Bluebird, Mercadona and DeBorla.

After graduating in Audiovisual Communication/Photography, Ana did a Post-graduation in Art-Therapy/Creative Expression and several courses in complementary areas like Digital Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Branding and Writing. In 2016 she completed a course in High-End Fashion Photography Retouch with Pratik Naik, one of the most renowned retouchers on the market, in Berlin.

INDIGO STUDIO - Photography Studio - Estúdio de Fotografia - Ana Rito - Fashion Stylist - Creative Director


Fashion Styling & Digital Communication


Ana Rito started working in the Fashion Industry in 2011 as an Online Community Manager for the brand Westrags, from Prozis.
In the same year she creates her Branding and Image Consulting brand I Love Me, and colaborates with Vice as a Fashion Editor.

In 2014 she received a proposal from Sonae and started working as a Fashion Stylist and Copywriter for the brands Zippy and MO, where she remained until 2019.
In 2015 she is also invited to teach Fashion Marketing and Trends at the Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave.

Ana has also been working as a freelancer since 2011 in areas like Styling, SEO Fashion Copywriting, Fashion Marketing e Brand Management. She has been creating and managing content for brands like Zippy, MO, Gonçalo Peixoto, Misses White, iTrend and Boutique Tereza.

Graduated in Education, with a Master Degree in Journalism and complementary education in areas like Image Consulting and Digital Marketing. Ana studied also Fashion Journalism and Fashion Styling in London at the University of the Arts.


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